NEW ARRIVALS! Mask Lanyard with Safety Breakaway 2 pieces packs for ADULTS

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No need to put your mask on any surface when you need to take it off temporarily.
Secure face mask on lanyard and hang on neck if needed.
Lanyard is compatible with N95, KN95, disposable or cloth face masks.
  • ➤【Safety Breakaway】Lanyard release apart when pull by force
  • ➤【High Quality Material】Lanyard: polyester; Breakaway lock: PP
  • ➤【Easy to use】clip rivets on left and right ear-loops. Hang on neck.
  • ➤【Who need them?】 Everyone who need to wear face guard for a long period of time e.g. Doctors, Chefs, Frontline workers, essential workers, athletes, students, etc. 
  • ➤【Care Instructions】Hand wash only with mild soapy water
  • ➤【Sizes】Two sizes to choose from:
  • 60cm - Adult
  • 50cm - Child (SEE Child Product page)