Good Mask for Toddler 125mm $0.70/mask!

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If your kids are vulnerable / allergic to poor air quality, pollen, etc., wear a breathable, well-fitting, and high-quality masks.

Due to wild-fire across Canada, it is recommended to wear mask certified with at least 98% PFE rating (Particulate  Filtration Efficiency).

Fits 2 years old and up.

Size: 125mmx85mm (+/- 5mm)

All masks are individually packed

Shelf Life: 5 Years 

All masks are manufactured in Clean Room ISO 14644 (Class 8) and GMP standard.

With top grade meltblown, Good Mask provides excellent breathability; enhanced ear loop to avoid accidental ripping by force; double nose wire are designed for your comfort and protection; ultra soft shell are made of top grade non-woven fabric to reduce fine particles to be inhaled when breath. All masks are microbial cleanliness /bioburden tested. Thus reduce the chance of having allergic reaction.

Warning: Mask must be weard by Adult. Keeps packaging materials away from children.