Last Call! 35% Off ! 5-Ply Medical NANO Mask 30 Pieces Pack for Adult

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  • Not Eligible for Return, Refund or Exhange Due to health and hygienic regulations.

  • Shelf Life: Best Before Sept / Oct 2022

Good Mask state-of-the-art technology created its own 5-ply disposable mask using  a nano micromembrane with Bacterial, Penetration and Viral filtration efficiency over 99.9%. It surpassed Medical grade ASTM Level 3 and EN 14683 Type II R standards.

 Virus size is normally 0.1 micron, and bacteria is about 0.3 micron. When buying surgical / medical disposable mask, look for package with Viral Filtration Efficiency rating e.g. VFE>99%.

All masks are manufactured in Clean Room ISO 14644 (Class 8) and GMP standard.
30 pieces per box with individually packed, and made of two layers of top grade meltblown fabric.

Good Mask provides excellent breathability; enhanced ear loop to avoid accidental ripping by force; double nose wire are designed for your comfort and protection; ultra soft shell are made of top grade non-woven fabric to reduce fine particles to be inhaled when breath.

All masks are microbial cleanliness /bioburden tested. Thus reduce the chance of having allergic reaction.

Target Audience

  • Althelets
  • Educators
  • Frontline workers
  • Factory / Warehouse workers
  • Fields services  / Electricians / Mechanics / Food Services
  • Public Transport driver / Uber Driver / Financial Services / Receiptionist / Cleaners / Essential care takers / Courier services
  • People with Asthma, low blood pressure, low heart rate
  • Hair dressers / Massage Therapist / Physiotherapist / Chiropractor / Family physician / Security Guard


  • Size: 175mmx95mm (+/- 5mm) - Fits most adults
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency >99.9%
  • Particulate Filtration Efficiency > 99.9%
  • Viral Filtration Efficiency > 99.9%
  • FIVE LayerS Constructions
  • Outer Shell: Water Resistance non-woven fabric; Class 1 Ignition rating
  • Second layer: Top-graded melt-blown fabric
  • Third Layer / filtration Layer: State-of-the-art NANO micromembrane
  • Fourth Layer: Top-graded melt-blown fabric
  • Inner Shell Layer: Water Resistance non-woven fabric; Class 1 Ignition rating
  • Enhanced Ear-loop provides comfort on ear but also prevent breakage.
  • Wired nose bridge - easy to mold and hold the shape you molded to prevent fog formation on glasses.
  • 30 pieces per pack (individually packed)

Certifications & Authorization

  • EU GMP & PIC/S PE Grade D
  • Clean Room ISO 146441-Class 8
  • Surpass ASTM F2100 Level 3 / EN 14683 Type II R standards
  • Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License # 13740
  • Sole authorized importer, distributor and wholesaler in Canada

Note: Not all packages embossed with Elephant Logo.

Always assist child to put on the face mask. Keep the packaging matrials away from children.

This Product DOES NOT contain Graphene. Due to hygiene purpose, all PPE equipment is not refundable or exchanged.