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Outfit Matching Mask - First Time Offer!

  • Not Eligible for Return, Refund or Exhange Due to health and hygienic regulations

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This 3-ply medical grade disposable mask with Bacterial, Penetration and Viral Filtration Efficiency over 99%, which is rare find in Medical grade ASTM Level 3 mask.

Virus size is normally 0.1 micron, and bacteria is about 0.3 micron. When buying surgical / medical disposable mask, look for package with Viral Filtration Efficiency rating e.g. VFE>99%.

All masks are manufactured in Clean Room ISO 14644 (Class 8) and GMP standard.

With top grade meltblown, Good Mask provides excellent breathability; enhanced ear loop to avoid accidental ripping by force; double nose wire is designed for your comfort and protection.

Good Mask uses Top-graded non-woven fabric to give you an ultra comfort feel and improve breathability. Greatly reduce oil builds up on skin and reduce blocking of follicles to form pimples.

  • Premium Series uses Nano non-woven fabric on the Inner Shell, which gives you ultra comfort and reduces irritation on skin.

All masks are microbial cleanliness /bioburden tested. Thus, reduce the chance of having allergic reaction.


  • Size: 175mmx95mm (+/- 5mm) - Fits most adults
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency >99%
  • Particulate Filtration Efficiency > 99%
  • Viral Filtration Efficiency > 99%
  • Three Layer Constructions


  • ASTM F2100 Level 3 Medical Grade
  • EN 14683 Type II R
  • FDA & CE Certified
  • EU GMP & PIC/S PE Grade D
  • Clean Room ISO 146441-Class 8
  • Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License # 13740
  • Sole authorized importer, distributor and wholesaler in Canada